Chyangra Pashmina


Chyangra Pashmina

Globally, Chyangra pashmina known as highest grade of Cashmere yarn sourced from the native Himalayan goat CAPRA HIRCUS( Chyangra in local dialect ).

These goats are living in the high altitudes(above 3000 mtr. from sea level) in the Himalayan region.

Chyangra  Pashmina logo was approved in 2011 and as of now 47 countries(Malaysia, China, Brazil, Russia, Canada,  USA, Japan, European Union , Norway, Switzerland, Australia) have approved this trade mark.

This Chyangra Pashmina logo is an “Assurance of Quality” and “Guarantee” of non usage of child labor during production

This was possible with the collective effort of Nepal Pashmina Industries Association(NPIA), Ministry of commerce and Trade and export  promotion center(TEPC).

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